Greetings! If you are already an alliance member than feel free to look around and avail yourself of the many benefits and tools your alliance's website offers.


If you are not a member of the Dalek Empire Alliance than you should join us! If you already play Age of Empires: Castle Siege than just do an in-game alliance search for Dalek Empire. If you do not play the game it is free from The App Store, Google play and Microsoft Store.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Why Join? Dalek Empire Alliance is a fun, casual alliance that offers its members advice from world-class players, top-notch relief forces to augment your defense, and a friendly, social chat room!


Explore the website to learn more about Dalek Empire Alliance, and also ways to improve your skills and game play.

Welcome to the Home of Dalek Empire,

an Age of Empires: Castle Siege Alliance.

So whats new in the Dalek Empire Alliance this week?


A New Age Dawns!

The Dalek Empire Alliance launched its official website this week!

Interested in reading the story of how and why Dalek Empire Alliance came to be? Wow! you must really be bored! Well if you like you can read the fascinating story and history of the alliance and some of its members by clicking the button to the left.